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The purpose of the Michigan Nude Beach Advocates is to bring about the legal and societal acceptance of public, clothing-optional beaches in Michigan.

The purpose of this site is to help naturists, especially activists, to find and network with other naturists. 

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Agenda and Beliefs

We need to expand participation in social nudity and increase its legal and societal acceptance so that we no longer have to remain segregated into distant and expensive camps or have to skulk about remote areas ever wary of interdiction.  Naturists believe that nudists, while nude, have the right to the use of public lands and facilities afforded the rest of the citizenry -- that is, people have the right to be treated as citizens rather than criminals regardless of dress.  No government on this continent has a constitutional right to proscribe dress nor has any government anywhere the moral authority to do so regardless of social norms.  To argue otherwise is to argue that the Taliban's requirement of the burka for women is moral and legitimate. 

The Washtenaw Skinnydippers is the first effort in Michigan to work with a local governmental body to win the accommodation of some public clothing-optional venues.  If you live in or near Washtenaw County and are enthusiastic about naturism, join us.  (See the club link on the "Clubs and Resorts" page.)  If you don't live near Washtenaw County, consider starting your own group to champion naturist rights in your county.  (See the article on starting a group on the articles page.)

As naturism is a celebration of the natural, naturists also recognize that preservation of the ecology is essential to the practice of naturism.  Although not a condition for participation in social nudist activities, involvement in reputable ecology groups is encouraged.

Additionally and importantly, naturists believe in being unbiased toward all, period. So long as you intend no harm to the well being of others, welcome aboard!  By its very nature, the practice of naturism develops an egalitarian spirit amongst us and toward others.  Your participation is welcome regardless of sex, age, race, sexual orientation, handicaps, physical appearance, marital status, creed or philosophy, or employment.  We only ask that at naturist events you behave in a manner that does not jeopardize others or the movement itself.

Phases to Accomplish our Agenda

  1. Get every naturist or nudist or like-minded person in the state actively working toward the accomplishment of our mission.  We must bring to the attention of the numerous unconnected clothing-optional enthusiasts the existence of national and local naturist groups, and we must involve them.  We need the help of every naturist, especially you.  Start, develop, or join a local group!
  2. We need to provide and improve upon mechanisms for individuals to connect with each other and for the various (and yet to be) naturist or nudist groups to network on important issues and to facilitate the coordinating of events. This web site is one small effort toward this.  If you haven't already done so, you are encouraged to join the national organization, The Naturist Society, and also join or form a local naturist group.  (See the Resorts and Clubs page for a group in Washtenaw County or read the article on forming a group in the articles page.)
  3. We need to interest, introduce, and involve current non-nudists to the joys of social nudity.  Providing  safe, inexpensive, and accessible locations and activities will be instrumental in interesting others.  Turtle Lake Resort has proven that providing interesting activities -- music festivals -- that are open to all, gets non-nudists mixing with nudists and ends up creating more nudists and more support for nudists’ rights, for appropriate example is the best persuader.  
  4. We need to take political and legal action.  Such action will become much more effective as we become better organized, more knowledgeable, and grow in numbers.  Even now, though, you can take political action merely by letting our public officials hear from you about the need for public, clothing-optional sites.  If you live in or near Washtenaw County, join the Washtenaw Skinnydippers.
  5. We achieve our mission thus becoming as needed as a male, top-free club.


The goals of the Michigan Nude Beach Advocates is to

  • develop more clothing-optional beaches and recreation areas near urban centers as well as remote areas.  These beaches (or pools) can be privately, communally, or (most preferred) publicly run; but they must be official, provide certain minimal amenities, and must be accessible to families.  
  • create more local naturist groups.  One of our aims is for every county and every major city in Michigan to have a naturist group so that every naturist in the state has a naturist community nearby with which to participate. This will make it easier to organize activities for the accomplishment of our agenda.  If you live in or near Washtenaw County, join the Washtenaw Skinnydippers.  If you live in some other county, start a group for your county.


There is no "official" membership in the Michigan Nude Beach Advocates.  All it takes to be a member is to advocate for clothing-optional beaches in Michigan and for naturist rights generally. Do that and you can rightly call yourself a "Michigan Nude Beach Advocate.” You can also join  our Yahoo Group to contribute to discussions related to protecting and expanding our naturist rights.

You are encouraged to join The Naturist Society and to join (or initiate) and help improve a local naturist group.  Click on Resorts and Clubs in the Index at the top of this page.    
This site is run by Matthew Kerwin, a member of The Naturist Society and the Spiritual Naturists of Michigan as well as the "The Michigan Nude Beach Advocates”.  Additionally, per paragraph three under "Agenda and Beliefs", I am a member of The Nature Conservancy. For general rights, I am a member of the ACLU.  You are encouraged to contribute site reports, calendar events, and other ideas.  Contact me by e-mail.  

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