Michigan Nude Beach Advocates
Calendar of Events
Outside of nudist resorts, naturist events are few, so this page is provided to help event coordinators avoid scheduling conflicts with other naturist events.  If you are organizing any sort of naturist event, do submit it for inclusion.   E-mail notice of event to me.
3rd Saturday , 6 to 11 p.m. , May 16, 2015  MEET & GREET, ANN ARBOR, MI  This Meet & Greet for the Washtenaw Skinnydippers and The Spiritual Naturists is free and open to any interested naturist. The event is January 31 from 4 to 11 p.m. at the ICC Education Center, 1522 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is just west of Washtenaw Ave. The Ed Center is BEHIND two ICC Residential Houses. I will have a sign out front. 

NO onsite parking.  Find parking on nearby side streets or at a nearby parking structure.

Primary purpose of the events is connection or community building.  Through our growing connections, secondary goals can be worked on and realized.  Such goals will be an increase in fun events and an expansion of the civil right to be free of state clothing requirements particularly on the public beaches and waters of Michigan (starting with Washtenaw County).

This month's agenda is discussion of proposed by-laws and discussion of proposed statewide naturist social network website.  Snacks and social discussions and/or cards follows.

Bring a towel to sit on and a snack to pass.  These are nude events.  Events are free.  Register by e-mailing Matthew.

11 p.m. end time is the latest end time.  Event may end earlier by consensus.  Be sure to E-mail Matthew to give an expected arrival time if you will be late.

Do not call the ICC for information as they merely provide the space - not the event, and we do not want their office staff irritated by numerous calls.  E-mail Matthew for additional information if you must.

 E-mail Matthew 
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